NTS-300-M4 (friction, bearings with ceramic balls)
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Minimum order quantity from 2 pcs.
The handpiece is a turbine dental friction with a standard head NTS-300-M4.
It is used for therapeutic treatment in dental practice. Designed for fixing cutting tools with a shank diameter of 1.6 mm and giving them a rotational movement from the drill when performing dental work.
Specific milling on the handle of four crisscrossing strips on both sides to prevent the tip from slipping in the hand and ease of operation.
Balanced rotary group, bearings with ceramic balls,
the design of the tip allows you to replace the rotary group.
Frequency of rotation of the rotor about the 300000-400000\min
Integrated cooling system, single water-air spray.
Power of 15 W.
Adjusted sound power level no more than 64 dBa
The light weight of the tip is not more than 0.05 kg.
Warranty service life 6 months

Connection type: М4 (Midwest)

Inch-size bearings: sealed with a protective plate, with ceramic balls and a printed separator

Security system: Anti-slip prevents reverse suction

Speed of the impeller, rpm: 300 000 - 400 000 rpm

Light weight, the weight of the tip is n: 0,05

Steam autoclave sterilization at a tempe: 134 С

Overall dimensions of the tip, mm: head height-12,4; head diameter-11,9

Warranty period of operation: 6 months

Rotary group: Balanced rotary group NTS-300

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